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10 Home Playground Ideas Your Kids Will Love

In an era dominated by electronics and mobile devices, it can be challenging to convince your kids to go outside. With so much competition for their attention, you need to create an enjoyable outdoor space to lure them from their iPads. We reached out to experts from Los Angeles, CA, to Mount Pleasant, SC,  for their best home playground ideas to get your kids to swap the screens for some fresh air.

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1) Use a sprinkler for some fun in the sun

Make water a part of summertime play. Something as simple as having a sprinkler for kids to play in creates an afternoon of play that they’ll remember forever. – Coastal Expeditions

2) Install artificial turf for low-maintenance recreation

Use quality artificial turf for your backyard playground’s surface. When it comes to home playground ideas, turf is the superior option over natural grass. One reason is your children’s safety and protection, as you can adjust artificial turf systems to absorb falls from play structures of various heights. Artificial turf also dries faster than natural grass, so children have more playtime outdoors and won’t track in dirt or mud. And since it never needs to be cut or watered, the entire family will spend more time enjoying the yard and playscape and less time working on it. – CBA Sports

3) Set up an outdoor canvas for drawing and painting

Make a large, stable wood frame that can either safely and securely stand up alone or mounted to a wall outside the home in the backyard, and securely attach a large piece of clear acrylic that fills the frame (bonus tip: add a white-painted board to the backside of the clear acrylic, so colors show even better). This provides a canvas that the kids can paint or draw on with water-soluble acrylic paint or acrylic-based color markers. When they finish, you can wash it off with a hose or sponge (and catch the run-off paint onto a plastic tarp or large old towel instead of it going into the ground or grass), so they’ll have a blank canvas to use again and again. – Tony Babarino

4) Think outside the box with a backyard zipline

If you’ve got enough room in your yard and some tall trees, a zipline is a creative way to add some excitement to your home playground. TreeRunner installs zip lines in all their parks for our climbers. They’re fun but be careful not to make them too steep. You’ll want to make sure to slide into your finishing area slowly to prevent injuries. – TreeRunner

5) Set up a watering hose to cool off during hot summer days

Purchase a watering hose with several holes throughout and secure it to the side of a play structure, where there are swings. Turn on the hose for a great way to swing through the sprinklers. – Noteworthy Parenting

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6) Add a sandbox to your home playground

When creating a home playground, you want to be sure it’s a fit for all ages. Adding a sandbox and a play kitchen is a great way to incorporate the little ones. Also, think of it as part of your home. Purchase something aesthetically pleasing, or renovate it to make it your style. – Mrs. Megan Jane

7) Set up a chalkboard for fun and learning

Set up an outdoor chalkboard to strengthen children’s shoulders, elbows, and fingers to prepare for writing and reading. An outdoor chalkboard can be created easily with Hardiboard and chalkboard paint and hung on a fence. It’s a great place to draw, paint and develop those fine motor skills. It also keeps the mess out of the house. – Growing Little Brains

8) Provide a cover for your sandbox

The one thing that parents don’t think about when installing a sandbox as part of their children’s swing set is to provide a lid for the sandbox. Any cover will keep animals from soiling the sand and prevent illnesses and parasites. When creating a top for a sandbox, it’s always practical if the top can also have multiple fun uses, like becoming a water table on hot summer days. – Successful Black Parenting

9) Let your child design their dream playground

Nobody knows how a playground should be quite like a child. Children have their own voice and personality, which is easy to overlook. Including your child in the design process of a new playground is an excellent way to engage them creatively and ensure that the finished product is something that speaks to them and they’re excited to use. – Conscious Parenting Revolution

10) Get a vinyl-built playset for several years of use

You want your children’s playset to last for at least the span of all your little ones’ childhoods in your new home. With vinyl-built playsets, your children can enjoy years of fun. Additionally, you’ll love that your vinyl playset will look as good in five-to-ten years as it looked when you bought it. Wood playsets tend to crack and splinter over the years, and the paint is likely to fade. You want your playset to mature as gracefully as your new home. – Ruffhouse Swing Sets