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The Guidance Approach to Parenting helps parents:

• Manage meltdowns
• Minimize misunderstandings
• Communicate in a loving, supportive way
• Build a stronger relationship with your child
• Eliminate the 3 R’s: retaliation, rebellion, and resistance

Katherine Sellery – Founder

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Katherine's Bio

Katherine Winter-Sellery is a business woman who is passionate about collaborative, effective, conflict resolution that leaves everyone at the table feeling seen, heard and understood from their perspective. She attended law school, trained as a mediator and a practitioner in NVC (non-violent communication).

Having studied Chinese in college and lived in China in the early 80’s she became a HK based metals trader in 1989 and then she branched off and founded Hong Kong Copper Products Ltd in 1992 and set up her own factory in Northern China to manufacture for a US client their proprietary products. As a commodities trader (trading most of the non-ferrous metals on the periodic table) she travelled the world from her base in Hong Kong. She did this while raising a family. She remembers bringing her new born into her office and between feedings and nappy changes her daughter slept under her desk! In the midst of her metals deals and her manufacturing plant, she became obsessed with family dynamics and communication and trained with some of the great communication experts which led her to found (alongside her other companies) the Conscious Parenting Revolution (CPR) and began teaching parents how to communicate and problem solve within their families without generating the 3Rs (Retaliation, Rebellion and Resistance) or having their own triggered responses hijack the dynamics.

Balancing Work-Life recognizes the same dynamics in the family flowed into the workplace! Her personal journey balancing these two and desire for mastery of her mindset and communication within both spheres pushed her to hone and transform communication to build close connections and community that thrives. Her unique insight into corporate leadership, entrepreneurship and risk-taking to work life balance for employee’s juggling families and careers comes from walking this path herself.

Her personal story of losing loved ones in high school and graduate school profoundly steers her work. Knowing her own souls yearning for meaning, purpose and expression she was drawn to study and become a trained breathing meditation and mindfulness teacher and weaves this thread through all her keynotes, training programs and work. Knowing that the key source of wellbeing is a peaceful and happy state of mind she starts there and builds so that everyone gets bigger than whats bugging them.

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Leading expert and founder of Balance Work-Life

For an overview of Katherine’s extensive training and accomplishments, download the Speaker One Sheet.

Centered and grounded individuals lead balanced and happy lives at work and home

Katherine has helped thousands create work life balance through breathing and meditation to stay centered and focus to manage their minds and transform their effectiveness and experiences within groups and families. Contact Katherine to do trainings, keynotes, and workshops.

Why is the Guidance Approach to Parenting effective?

This training gives parents a roadmap to create a nurturing family environment for their kids. When you punish your child for losing control, you are punishing them for lack of skills and emotions, not for what they have done. If you acknowledge your child’s achievements without praising, and enable them to master their emotions, you help their personal development and growth.

To learn more about conscious parenting, visit the Conscious Parenting Revolution website.
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