A parenting roadmap for building a healthier and happier relationship with your kids right now.


The Conscious Parenting focuses on eliminating the 3 R’s from your parenting technique and relationship with your child – retaliation, rebellion, and resistance. This method of parenting is based on the teachings of psychologist Dr. Thomas Gordon, and Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, a specialist in conflict resolution.

Conscious parenting is a guidance approach to parenting. It teaches parents and kids how to communicate with each other. It’s a compassionate, fair, and effective way of talking to each other. It’s a system of parenting devised by Katherine Winter-Sellery, child psychologist Dr. Louise Porter, and colleague Claryss Nan Jamieson.

Kids are capable of, with your support, making their own decisions. Sometimes they can experience a lapse of self-control. This can take the form of outbursts, resistance, or aggression. You have to work through these conflicts, but it’s important not to blame your child. They are learning all about how to navigate their emotions. You are also reacting to them in a particular way because of an experience you have had yourself. The guidance method enables you to learn how to listen. You also learn how to express your own needs when you are upset.

The communication skills you learn from this training can be used immediately. The world around your child shapes them, as well as your reactions to their behavior. This training gives you a roadmap to create a nurturing family environment for your child. When you punish your child for losing control, you are punishing them for lack of skills and emotions, not for what they have done. This can agitate the 3 – R’s retaliation, rebellion and resistance. If you acknowledge your child’s achievements without praising, and enable them to master their emotions, you help their personal development and growth.

If you punish your child for their reactions, you become judgmental when their behavior inconveniences or harms others. By teaching your child self-regulation skills, you can enable them to think through how they react. This also helps better communication with you, and it gives a better understanding of why you are acting and getting upset. This teaching also gives a more in-depth insight into why you get upset when reacting to others, for example, your partner and friends. Is this something that is a result of your relationship with your parents? Conscious Parenting Revolution gives you the tools to overcome those roadblocks personally as well as in your relationship with your child.

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