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If I Ever Have Kids, I’ll Never…

At some point in our lives, we’ve all said this line when talking about our less-than-perfect childhoods: If I ever have kids, I’ll never…… ….make them feel like they’re less than enough….yell at them in the middle of the grocery store…lash out or make unreasonable rules None of us want to repeat the mistakes our […]
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Dear Katherine: Are the 3 Rs Inevitable?

Dear Katherine, You talk about eliminating the 3 Rs (resistance, rebellion, retaliation) through conscious parenting. But don’t you think the 3 Rs are inevitable?  Why is overcoming them so crucial, and is it even possible to put an end to them completely?  Sincerely, It Feels Impossible Hey there, It Feels Impossible! I love this question. […]
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Ask Katherine: My Daughter Is Spoiled

Katherine, It pains me to write this, but our daughter is spoiled. She completely melts down when we say no—screaming, crying, and even getting physical.  We need to start saying no to her. But these tantrums feel impossible to overcome.  What should we do?  Sincerely, Nervous It’s Too Late Hey there, Nervous It’s Too Late!  […]
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Dear Katherine: My Son Shuts Down After School

Dear Katherine, When I pick my son up from school, he seems to shut down completely. I ask him about his day, and he gives me one-word answers or responds, “I don’t know,” to my questions.  He’s definitely prone to anxiety, but I’m worried about how down he seems when he gets home.  How can […]
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Dear Katherine: I’m Nervous About the Teen Years!

Dear Katherine, I’ve often heard you talk about why controlling forms of discipline and punishments are ineffective. But what about when kids are in danger? Thankfully, I have yet to be in this specific position. Still, my kids are getting older. I’m worried about protecting them throughout their teen years without resorting to authoritarian discipline […]
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