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What’s Fair about a Chocolate Bar?

All people must be treated equally—including children. But when you’re dealing with kids of different ages, interests, and personalities; it can be difficult to make decisions without having one (or all) of them storm off yelling, “But it’s not fair!” Let’s take the example of “The Chocolate Bar.”  Suppose two kids are given a chocolate […]
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Dear Katherine: My son and his stepfather are no longer speaking

Hello, Conscious Parent! This is the first installment of “Dear Katherine,” a letter written in response to a real-life question from an anonymous parent/caregiver. If you’d like to submit a question of your own, email me at  My teenage son had a massive falling out with my husband, his stepfather. My husband was triggered […]
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Busting the “bad kid” myth once and for all

What’s wrong with these statements? Spare the rod and spoil the elderly. Millenials should be seen and not heard. New Zealanders have got to learn. If you’re cringing right now, it’s because you know that these statements are unfairly biased and even prejudiced. So why are we okay with using these same phrases to describe […]
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5 Ways You Can Ease Working Mom Guilt

A mom friend of mine sent me a picture this week. It showed her perched on the (closed!) pedestal on the toilet, resting her laptop on the toilet paper holder, while her daughter peeked over the side of the bath-tub doing her evening bathing routine. This is working mom life today. Juggling two jobs at […]
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3 steps to defuse any fight with your kid

Has your home turned into a warzone? For many parents, after a long year of being stuck indoors—sharing the same space for work, school, home, and recreation—the pressure may have built to a boiling point. Add in the normal worry and stress many families feel on a day-to-day basis, and you’ve got a recipe for […]
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10 Home Playground Ideas Your Kids Will Love

In an era dominated by electronics and mobile devices, it can be challenging to convince your kids to go outside. With so much competition for their attention, you need to create an enjoyable outdoor space to lure them from their iPads. We reached out to experts from Los Angeles, CA, to Mount Pleasant, SC,  for […]
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Are you raising a spoiled child?

When your child is giving you a particularly rough time, you might be tempted to compare them to the infamous Veruca Salt.  In the beloved children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt embodies the cautionary tale of a spoiled child. One pony is not enough—she wants another one. As the Oompa Loompas sing: […]
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